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OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus Foaming Eyelid Cleanser

OcuSoft, Inc.

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus Foaming Eyelid Cleanser is an extra strength, leave-on formula recommended for relief of symptoms associated with moderate to severe conditions. The unique leave-on formula relieves eyelid irritation by removing oil, pollen, debris, and other contaminants, and is available in a 50 mL instant foam pump.

  • Promotes contact lens comfort and may be used to remove cosmetics
  • Treats: Dry Eye, Contact Lens Discomfort

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Ocusoft Lid Scrub Plus cleaner is a great option for my patients to help clean their eyelids and lashes to help combat dry eye and maintain overall health of their ocular surface.

Seth G., OD, United States

Ocusoft lid scrub plus is a great cleaner along with the adjunct treatment with HypoChlor for management for chronic MGD and blepharitis management.

Chan L., OD, United States

I get less gunk in the mornings upon awakening when I use this product for personal use. I recommend this to all my patients who have severe blepharitis, and they have not come back complaining.

Anne C., OD, United States

I use the OCuSOFT Lid Scrubs for lid disease and dry eye. Their products have helped me control a big problem that I see very commonly in my practice.

Kevin T., OD, United States

Been recommending OCuSOFT's Lid Scrub Plus since Academy in New Orleans - patients really like it and especially the foaming cleanser is easy to use.

Carey P., OD, United States

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus Foaming Eyelid Cleanser is my "go to" lid cleansing product for any patient who cannot use the OCuSOFT lid scrub pads, which I always recommend first. There are several reasons why a patient might not be able to use the pads: arthritis or other motility/range of motion issues; allergy/sensitivity to the pad material; EBMD (epithelial basement membrane dystrophy) and recurrent erosion syndrome; and incapacitated patients that are being cared for by others. When rubbed gently into the lid margins with the pulp of the index and middle fingers, the lids are gently but thoroughly cleaned. The Foaming Eyelid Cleanser has a very high acceptance rate by my patients; it is soothing to use, fast, easy, and safe.

Marguerite M., United States

I use Ocusoft Lid scrubs in the immediate preoperative period, and I get the lids very clean. I have not had any intraocular infections, and I am sure that the lid scrubs help alot. Apart from surgery, my blepharitis patients enjoy the convenience and comfort of the scrubs. Great product!

Lisa L., MD, JM

An excellent product for patients with Staph-related anterior blepharitis or seborrheic blepharitis! Effective, comfortable, economical and convenient... we advise leaving the pump foam cleanser in the shower for regular daily use as part of the routine hygiene regimen.

Alan K., OD, United States

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