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iVue is the compact version of the RTVue OCT, offering the same scanning speed and resolution as the larger system, that includes scanning and reports for retina, retina nerve fiber and cornea assessment by the clinician. Epi-mapping is now available to provide corneal epithelia and stromal measurements that aid in the diagnosis, documentation, and management of ocular health.

  • Virtual dissection of the retina and optic disc
  • 512 x 128 dense cube with 67 million data points
  • High density 3D volume for visualization and analysis of patient condition




CE Mark

Not specified


Not specified


Normative Data Comparison, Optic Disc, RNFL Analysis, Ganglion Cell Complex (Optional)


Not specified


Optional 3D Reconstruction

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This is the newest piece of equipment we've added to our practice, and it has been very worthwhile. Excellent diagnostic tool, and right pricepoint for what we were looking for. It is advanced enough to get the numbers we need with good quality imaging. I still think CIRRUS is slightly better because it has a wider range, but in terms of what our practice needed, Optovue came in as something mid-range that we could do. The CIRRUS was more expensive.

Tracey H., OD, United States

Very easy to use, and great results. Nice to have different tests, testing anterior and posterior. I also like how the screen swivels so patients can easily see the results at testing, or when sent to exam rooms for viewing.

Dan M., OD, United States

We obtained 3 of these for our practice in 2015. We also purchased the available Ganglion Cell Complex upgrade and 3D / en face analysis upgrade. We were allowed a generous trial period in the office and customer support and hands-on instruction are excellent. This includes anterior segment imaging for detailed looks at the chamber angle with excellent detail, as well corneal pachymetry mapping showing corneal thicknesses for at least 32 points on the cornea. The retinal imaging is exquisite, and retinal images can be viewed in an almost unlimited number of ways. For NFL and glaucoma evaluation, the images are excellent and much more reliable and accurate than our older non-spectral domain OCT. There is almost no signal drop-out even with very significant cataracts, and virtually no pupil dilation is necessary. It takes images very rapidly and takes up a very small footprint in the office. The techs picked up all aspects of using this machine very rapidly, and they love using it. It is fully networkable and compatible with EMR.

David C., MD, United States

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