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The Specular Microscope EM-4000 provides corneal endothelium images by using the specular optical principle with full automatic alignment. EM-4000 uses LED light source and a high-speed CCD camera to capture 16 images in series. It automatically selects and instantly displays the finest one from these images. It can perform automatic analysis as well as two manual analyses "Core method" and "L count method" with built-in software.

  • Auto elignment + auto measurement and integrated non-contact Pachymetry
  • 13 measurement areas
  • Measurements: Endothelial Cell Density, Corneal Thickness, Endothelial Cell Count (Up to 300), Analysis (CD (cell density), AVG (average cell area), SD (standard deviation of cell area), CV (coefficient of variation of cell area), Cell size (max. + min. cell area))
  • Built-in printer



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