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I have been using the drchrono (drchrono) EHR system for the past several years. The software provides an electronic health record and practice management solution, which includes scheduling, clinical documentation, a patient portal and billing services. The platform was designed for use on an iPad but the platform is fully functional via native applications on the iPad, iPhone, or web. The company also recently released an Apple Watch application.

Customizable and Easy-to-use
The templates are highly customizable and the company website offers downloads of pre-made templates organized by medical specialty.  Most of the fields are dropdown or toggle switches so recording is very quick. You can also type in additional information very easily. When the exam is complete, you can print out an overview of the visit on your practice letterhead or fax the information directly as a referral.

Connected and Mobile-Ready
One of the features that actually sold me on the system is that patients actually check-in on an iPad via the onboarding system. After a patient enters their medical history, medications, allergies and sign HIPAA consent in the waiting room, all the information is then accessible in the patient system immediately.

The drchrono system is cloud-based so you can pull up patient records in any of your exam rooms or even outside the office. As I mentioned, the platform has native applications designed for accessibility on an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch or web.

Feature Rich The platform also offers optional managed billing services to verify that claims are submitted correctly for maximum reimbursement. If an error is discovered, they send the claim back within 48 hours for revision. Another feature that I find useful with the system is the ability to upload PDFs directly under patient’s records, such as a topography or visual field. Any time you pull up that patient record, inside or outside the office, you can references these reports. Additionally, like many EHR systems, you can send prescriptions to a pharmacy and you can even look up local pharmacies within the system using Google maps.

Not ideal for eMarketing
The downside of the technology is that it doesn’t have a great electronic marketing capability. While you can send out e-mail marketing messages to segmented patient groups, the design templates available are very basic. For a more robust solution you would need external marketing software that interfaces with the drchrono system.

Overall, I found it to be a very nice system and it’s very affordable. The pricing is based on a monthly fee per provider that ranges depending on what level of features you decide to go with. 

Pros: Very user-friendly and the iPad application is excellent for patient onboarding.

Cons: Does not have sophisticated e-mail marketing capabilities.

Bottom Line: The feature packed platform is avery nice EHR option.