Zepto Precision Pulse Capsulotomy

Mynosys Cellular Devices, Inc.

Zepto, also referred to as “precision pulse capsulotomy," is an automated anterior capsulotomy device consisting of a disposable handpiece and capsulotomy tip powered by a small console. The cutting element is a nitinol ring surrounded by a thin, transparent silicone shell with a central opening which allows patients to fixate on the microscope light filament during positioning. After the nitinol ring and silicone shell are stretched and elongated with a metal push rod to facilitate insertion through a clear corneal incision, the tip re-assumes the original circular shape and is gently apposed to the anterior capsular surface with suction. A series of rapid electrical nanopulses cleave 360º of the apposed anterior capsule in milliseconds.  

  • Cutting Mechnism: Electical pulses
  • Creates a round, accurately sized, and well-centered capsulotomy as part of the normal cataract surgery protocol
  • Nitinol is a shape-memory alloy so it can be deformed or compressed and it will rebound to its original shape
  • Discharge of highly focused nanopulses at a low-energy produces a round anterior capsulotomy simultaneously along 360 degrees within milliseconds
  • Clear silicone sleeve enables visualization of the cutting element
  • Cost effective, continuous, and reproducible capsulotomies




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