WHITESTAR Signature Phacoemulsification System

Johnson & Johnson

The Whitestar Signature Phacoemulsification System combines the safety of Fusion Fluidics with the optimized cavitation of Whitestar technology. The platform is equipped with Ellips FX Technology and a fusion pump that allows surgeons to switch between peristaltic and venturi intraoperatively. Fusion Fluidics technology anticipates intraocular changes and proactively adjusts the vacuum before occlusion breaks, according to the company.

  • Fast prime-and-tune cycle, and surgeon settings can be uploaded to any Whitestar Signature System from a memory stick
  • Advanced linear pedal with wireless control for responsiveness and efficiency in each case
  • Monitors IOP and proactively adjusts to maintain pressure
  • Cataract Analysis and Settings Application (CASA) delivers a practice-eye-level view with mobile analytics and case insights




CE Mark


Fluidics Control


Pump Mechanism

Venturi, Peristaltic



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It is very helpful than other machines especially in hard cataracts.

ayman g., MD, EG

good stabilazation of the anterior chamber but probably not the faster phaco that we can find in modern market

renato n., MD, IT

An outstanding combination of power and efficiency. A great improvement from their previous model.

Patrick T., MD, United States

this machine improved the results of my phaco patients espcially the hard ones

ayman g., MD, EG

Ellips gives excellent results for both chop and divide&conquer

Andrzej D., MD, PL

State of the art phaco system that can instantly switch between peristaltic and venturi modes for rapid but safe cataract removal. Ellips FX technology creates a unique elliptical movement that provides efficient emulsification with any type of phaco tip. Excellent ergonomics and case flow make the Signature an integral component of my OR package to deliver great visual outcomes in a timely fashion..

Daniel C., MD, United States

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