WaveLight ALLEGRO Analyzer

Alcon, a Novartis Division

The WaveLight ALLEGRO Analyzer measures the complete optics of the eye and calculates the individual wavefront aberrations. It has a variety of visualization options to support data analysis and data processing. It also has a user-friendly computer workstation with integrated software.

  • Topography, and Aberrometry
  • Spherical Power Range: -12 to +6D
  • Cylindrical Power Range: -6 to +6D
  • Pupil Diameter Range: 3 to 8mm
  • Wavefront Aberration Range: Zernike polynomials up to the 6th order
  • Temperature Range: 18-30°C (65-86°F)
  • Mapping Type: Overview maps, Power maps (sagittal and tangential)
  • Integrated passive eye tracker



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Alcon, a Novartis Division


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