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Trulign Toric IOL

Bausch + Lomb Inc.

The Trulign Toric IOL is a toric modification of the company's Crystalens AO, with the addition of a toric optic on the posterior surface and two axial orientation markings on the anterior surface. It was the first FDA-approved IOL for astigmatic correction with a broader range of vision.

  • Aspheric optic that can provide uncorrected distance and intermediate vision and functional near vision
  • The FDA clinical study of the Trulign Toric IOL showed 96.1% of eyes had 5 degrees or less rotation between the day of surgery and 4 to 6 months postoperatively
  • Power ranges available from +4.0 to +10.0 D in 1.0 D Increments and +10.5 to +33.0 D in 0.5 D increments
  • Cylinder powers availabel in 1.25, 2.00, 2.75 D
  • Silicone (10% UV Cutoff at 400nm)




CE Mark



Silicone and polyimide haptic loops

Optic Diameter (mm)



Accommodating, Toric

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The Trulign is the best Toric lens available. It's a great accommodative lens for distant and intermediate.

doug k., MD, United States

The Trulign Toric IOL is really the "toric with benefits" in that it provides a full range of vision needs in terms of uncorrected distance, intermediate, and near vision while simultaneously correcting corneal astigmatism to avoid the need for secondary procedures such as LRI and/or Laser Vision Correction. The aspheric and aberration-free optics have also been proven valuable in patients who have undergone prior laser vision correction such as LASIK or PRK.

Mitchell J., MD, United States

I call it Toric Plus to my patients. I can give them a wider range of vision AND correct their astigmatism at the same time. Very people pleasing. Easy to align since you can dial it counterclockwise or clockwise and stays in place. I do use a CTR with it if the eye is over 25.5 mm or less than 22.0mm---find better refractive stability earlier when doing this.

Jeffrey W., MD, United States

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