TRAB360Trabeculotomy System

Sight Sciences

The TRAB360 device is a manual trabeculotome instrument capable of cutting up to all 360 degrees of trabecular meshwork via an ab interno approach. A blunt polymer trabeculotome is advanced through the tip of a curved cannula with a roller gear mechanism and mechanically cleave trabecular meshwork when it is withdrawn from the eye.

  • Introduced through a single, clear corneal incision and easy-to-use roller wheel mechanism advances the atraumatic polymer tip through Schlemm canal
  • Can be used in a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with cataract surgery
  • The single-use instrument does not require a capital investment and is reimbursed under a Category I CPT code
  • Procedure does not rely on foreign body inside the eye




CE Mark



Ab interno


For the manual cutting of the trabecular meshwork, or trabeculotomy. TRAB360 can be used to mechanically cut up to 360 degrees of trabecular meshwork.

Mechanism of Action

Trabecular Meshwork and inner wall of Schlemm Canal


Treatment of mild to severe glaucoma during cataract surgery or as a stand-alone procedure

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