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TearLab Osmolarity System measures the osmolarity of tears using nanoliter (nL) volumes of tear fluid collected directly from the eyelid margin. The system consists of two battery-operated osmolarity test pens, the countertop unit, and a supply of single-use test cards. The countertop unit analyzes the tear fluid samples and displays the results on an LCD screen. The test cards come in individual foil pouches and one is loaded onto each test pen.

  • Provides a numeric osmolarity value (mOsm/L). The normal range is 300 and below. The higher the number over 300 is an indicator to the severity of ocular surface disease.
  • 50 nanoliters (nL) of tear film needed to perform test
  • Daily and monthly calibrations must be performed and centers must abide by the CLIA regulations




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Great for my dry eye patients.

Kevin Y., MD, United States

Good for prelasik screening. Wish it were a bit more reproducible. Hard to encorporate in normal work up work flow

Mark G., MD, United States

Reliable, easy test to use.

Rhea H., RN, United States

TearLab product was a interesting product. the product was able to help our doctors to diagnose severe dry eyes and find better ways to treat it. Cons: test takes long time Every office should try one!

Luis B., United States

This technology has become an integral part of my practice - a quantitative diagnosis for dry eye patients at presentation and to evaluate response to treatment. Quick and easy measurement, does not slow clinic flow.

Gregory H., MD, United States

love the technology yet I do not always get a direct correlation between osmolarity numbers and patient symptoms. Great for patient ed since everyone loves a number to go by for measured success after Restasis, Plugs, Omega-3s etc. Also, you need to be careful about billing since not all carriers will pay for the service 83861 QW even with 375.15, 370.33 Dx Optometrists need CLIA waiver to perform this, Adenoplus, MMP9 or use Biotissue's Prokera, Good Luck AJ

AJ C., OD, United States

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