Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement

Bausch + Lomb Inc.

The Stellaris Elite Vision System is designed for use in both anterior and posterior segment surgeries. It provides capabilities for phacoemulsification, coaxial and bimanual irrigation/aspiration, bipolar coagulation, vitrectomy, viscous fluid injection/removal and air/fluid exchange operations. The Stellaris Elite vision enhancement system configured with the laser module is additionally intended for retinal photocoagulation and laser trabeculoplasty. The system is exclusively compatible with the Vitesse hypersonic vitrectomy system that liquefies tissue in a highly-localized zone at the edge of the port and continuously aspirates via an open port design.

  • Attune Energy Management System and six-crystal handpiece deliver optimized 28.5 kHz frequency for consistent power delivery and increased stroke length.
  • Advanced Vacuum Module StableChamber Fluidics System minimizes surge with a 1.8-mm microincisional cataract surgery tip during high vacuum. (Data on file with Bausch + Lomb.)
  • Wireless dual-linear foot pedal control of aspiration and ultrasound
  • Vitesse hypersonic vitrectomy system




CE Mark


Fluidics Control


Pump Mechanism



Transversal, Longitudinal

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