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RO4000 P 5X Slit Lamp + Chin Rest

Visionix / Briot USA

The RO4000 P 5X Slit Lamp + Chin Rest from VISIONIX/Briot USA includes efficiently arranged operating controls and short paths made for easy working. The user can choose from either three or five magnification levels, and the standard base is designed for single-handed operation. This model is the parallel ocular version of the RO4000 Slit Lamp line.

  • Type: Parallel ocular system
  • Magnification: 8x, 15x, 30x, 12.5 (Threefold changer with eyepiece) 7x, 12x, 18x, 27x, 45x, 12.5x (Fivefold changer with eyepiece)
  • Pupil Distance: 50-78mm
  • Slit Width: 0-12mm, Slit Length: 2.25-12mm, Slit Rotation: 0-360°
  • Aperture: 0.055
  • Filters: Flourescence (blue), Red-free (green), and Grey; Yellow (optional)
  • Light Source: 6V/20W halogen lamp


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