ReSure Sealant

Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.

The ReSure Sealant is a first-of-a-kind ocular sealant proven in a U.S. clinical trial to be safe and effective in sealing clear corneal incisions following cataract surgery. Composed of a synthetic, polyethylene glycol hydrogel, the product is approximately 90% water after polymerization.

  • Provides comfortable wound closure for patients
  • Prevents fluid egress from clear corneal incisions more effectively than sutures
  • Avoids suture-induced complications and device removal
  • Sealant goes on blue as a visualization aid and dries clear




CE Mark



Intraoperative management of clear corneal incisions (up to 3.5mm)


Synthetic, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Hydrogel

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Easy and fast to use. No induced astigmatism as with sutures. Saves OR time, which improves efficiency. Love it.

Kenneth C., MD, United States

Reduce is very simple to use. It is perfect for patients who can't tolerate suture removal at the slit lamp but need a little extra protection from incision leakage. It is an easy choice for a quick closure.

Lynn H., MD, United States

Works well and is quicker and easier than placing a suture.

David S., MD, United States

I have used Resure since it was approved. It's great in refractive IOl cases and patients who would be difficult to remove a suture at the slit lamp post op. It's very easy to use and there is minimal irritation (less than a suture). I don't use it in every case, but it's a good product to have around for special cases.

Linda T., MD, United States

Product was simple to use and very effective. Would highly recommend for corneal incision closure

Brenda L., United States

This is a great addition to any surgeons bag of tricks. Who needs sutures? Resure sealant is a much better option when a surgeon needs to close a wound.

Karl S., MD, United States

I have enjoyed using Resure Sealant since it was first approved. I find it particularly helpful in toric patients and in patients who may be at a higher risk for infection. It's easy to use, and a nice product to have on the shelf when you need it.

Gary W., MD, United States

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