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PTS 925Wi

Optopol USA

The PTS 925Wi is a small but powerful Automated Perimeter. This unit shares most of the same great features of the larger PTS 2000. Unlike most space-saving perimeters, the PTS 925Wi allows peripheral testing outside the central 30 degrees, including screening and thresholding strategies.

  • Screening + Thresholding Wide Field Perimeter
  • LED based technology 
  • Import old HFA Database
  • Test Fields: 5-2, 10-2, 24-2, 30-2, Customizable Fields
  • Stimulus: Goldmann III
  • Adaptive Stimulus Timing
  • Test Field Area: 170° Horizontal maximum
  • Test Strategies: Screening (2-zone, 3-zone), Thresholding (Threshold, Fast Threshold, Advanced Threshold, Dynamic, TOP, TOP+, ZETA™, ZETA™ Fast, BSV, Flicker, Semi-Automated)
  • Fixation Control: Gaze Tracking, Blink monitoring, Heijl Krakau, V-Eye™(Virtual Eye Position)
  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • DICOM + EMR compatibility
  • Unlimited Review Station Software 
  • 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty




CE Mark


Flicker Perimetry


Trend Analysis

DPA™ (Defect Progression Analysis) Analysis of visual field defects on a long term scale. It helps to separate short term fluctuations from real VF defects; DPA uses comparisons of several examinations to a baseline; VQI (Visual Field Quality Index)

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