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OZMA CRK-9000 Auto-Refractor / Keratometer

Coburn Technologies, Inc.

The OZMA CRK-9000 Auto Refractor / Keratometer offers high precision measurements using Wavefront Technology and 3D Auto Tracking at an affordable price.

  • Functions: Autorefractor, Peripheral Curvature Radius, Keratometer
  • Measurable Ranges:
    • Sphere: -30.00D to +25.00D (VD=12mm) (Increments: 0.01/0.12/0.25D)
    • Cylinder: -12.00 to 0.00D (or 0.00D to +12.00D)
    • Axis: 0° to 180° 
    • Minimum Pupil Diameter: 2.0mm
  • Size is 252mm(W) x 500mm(D) x 423mm(H) and weight is 20 kg



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