OMS-800 OFFISS Operation Microscope

Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.

The Topcon OMS-800 OFFISS Operation Microscope is used for vitreoretinal surgery and other ophthalmic procedures. OFFISS stands for Optical Fiber Free Intravitreal Surgery System and offers a bi-manual vitrectomy.

  • Consists of several lenses which offer a wide field and stereoscopic observation
  • Has a variable angle binocular tube, electromagnetic brakes, and an XY translator incorporated
  • Provides increased working distance between the 40D non-contact lens and the patient's eye
  • Unparalleled image quality during simultaneous cataract and vitreous surgery
  • Binocular Tube: Parallel binocular tube
  • Eyepiece: 12.5x
  • Magnification Changes: Continuous zoom
  • Total Magnification: 4.2 - 21x
  • 100W halogen lamp light source

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