ML1 Manual Lensometer

Reichert Technologies, a unit of Ametek, Inc.

The Reichert ML1 Lensometer enables you to measure a variety of lenses including single vision, bifocal and contact lenses. It has an external reading system and has a green LED illumination.

  • Vertex power:
    • Range: +25 to -25 diopters
    • Step: 0.125 diopters up to ±3 diopters, 0.25 diopters beyond ±3 diopters
  • Cylindrical axis:
    • Range: 1 to 180 degrees
    • Step: 1 degree
  • Prismatic power:
    • Range: 5D
    • Step: 0.5D up to 2 D, 1D beyond 2D
  • Tilting angle is 0-90°
  • Lens size is 24mm - 90mm

Company Information

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Reichert Technologies, a unit of Ametek, Inc.

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