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MAIA Perimeter

CenterVue, Inc.

MAIA microperimeter technology combines 3 different techniques in the analysis of the retinal function: a) Retinal Imaging, b) Analysis of retinal sensitivity and c) Analysis of fixation capabilities. MAIA is used as a diagnostic device to aid in the detection and management of diseases affecting the macula, including, but not limited to, macular degenerations.

  • Comparison with normative intervals and Normal – Suspect - Abnormal indicators
  • Test can be paused and automatically restarted at any time
  • Overlay of structural and functional information
  • Optical System:
    • Stimulus: Goldmann III (26 arcmin)
    • Area of Field: 30° x 30°
    • Test Time: 2 minutes per eye
  • Test Strategies:Pupil Diameter, Foveal Sensitivity




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