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Lumega-Z is the only vision-specific medical food created to restore and maintain the macular protective pigment. Building on the contents of the AREDS 2 formula, Lumega-Z contains more than 35 micronutrients with potent antioxidant properties, and all three critical carotenoids (Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Meso-zeaxanthin), which make up the macular pigment. Lumega-Z is a micronized, lipid-based liquid formulation, which is easily ingested through dilution with a small amount of juice or water.

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I have been prescribing Lumega-Z for about 6 months. I consider it to be the best medical (non-injection) product available for AMD. I have been following macular pigment density on patients taking it and am impressed with the results.

Robert R., MD, United States

We've been using Lumega Z since mid-May on a handful of macular degeneration cases "going nowhere". Patients have reported improved contrast and we've seen a reduction in both the area and volume of drusen as measured with Cirrus OCT Advanced RPE Analysis, without any other medical intervention. These promising, initial results have encouraged our doctors to identify other patients suffering from degenerative retinal conditions in hopes of seeing similar results.

Aaron L., OD, United States

Lumega Z appears very promising as a supplement to help reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration.

Bill T., MD, United States

Lumega-Z is finally here! In my opinion, this is the finest and most complete nutritive product available for the retina. It is based on sound and current science and has been shown to build macular pigment for the protection of the retina. This is reflected in the currently unique status as an FDA-approved medical food for the retina. It also happens to be a complete multivitamin and Omega3 supplement all rolled into one product that delivers great value as well as medical protection. The liquid form of the retina nutrition product makes it very easy to take and thus very highly accepted by patients leading to improved compliance. I recommend Lumega-Z without reservation to all of my patients with degenerative retinopathy of any kind, high risk characteristics for AMD and pseudophakia. I also advocate the use of the product in anyone wishing to optimize the health of their macular pigment and maximize their protection against damaging blue light.

Jorge M., MD, United States

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