LipiView II Ocular Surface Interferometer

Johnson & Johnson

LipiView II Ocular Surface Interferometer measures lipid layer thickness (LLT) with nanometer accuracy, captures blink dynamics, and images meibomian gland structure. The dynamic meibomian imaging (DMI) mode utilizes a combination of dynamic illumination and adaptive transillumination to minimize reflection or compensate for lid thickness variation between patients.

  • Real-time visualization of the lipid layer to evaluate the dynamic response of lipids to blinking
  • Patented noise canceling technology to measure sub-micron thickness of the lipid layer
  • Video and analysis of blink dynamics
  • High-definition imaging with Dynamic Meibomian Imaging
  • Room lights must be dimmed during testing




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LipiView provides information about the patient's lacrimal status. Many patients suffering from dry eye hardly earn motivation, United Statesually. However LipiView has nice tools that show the patient what the problem is, and what is advanced in the patient's disease.

Charlie Y., MD, KR

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