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Integrity EMR for Eyes is an intuitive, easy to use cloud-based EMR designed exclusively for eye care that speeds up exams, billing processes, and office workflows, and ensures compliance with federal healthcare laws. 

  • Matches your existing workflow and offers reporting to help improve productivity
  • Integration with Integrity PM and options for ASC, patient portals, optical, and analytics





Automatic Code Recommendations, Quick Drawing Tool, Personal Dashboards,


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I love the cloud-based platform of this product, especially since we have more than one site in which we see patients. We always have access to the patient's data, including when I'm on call. It also eliminates the need for EMR server maintenance. I always look forward to the new features and updates. I'd like to see this more often but I know there are the meaningful use requirements that consume much of the development time. Look at the usability and date management of any product you bring into the clinic. This is the one thing in your clinic that will touch every patient, so make sure to use the best. Also look to see what can be configured in the record to help with your clinic flow. (Specialty: Optometry. Size of Portfolio: 21 to 50 users.)

Jeffrey H., OD, United States

Product is very intuitive and customer service is excellent! Viewing correspondence is cumbersome. There is not an easy way to scroll through all the notes to get a quick and clear understanding of the issues. Also, I think contact lens portion can be confusing. Follow the advice of your Integrity Implementation Team. Staff and doctor training is critical for a successful transition. Never switch over 100%...convert to EMR a little each week (i.e.: everyone do 3 charts a day, then move to everyone do 5 charts a day, then....until everyone is converting 100% of their patients as they are working them up). (Specialty: Ophthalmology. Size of Portfolio: 21 to 50 users.)

Lori H., United States

I have been using Integrity for over 5 years now. I appreciate how intuitive and user-friendly the software is. Furthermore, I am a big fan of web-based products. This has made our startup costs dramatically less than many other EMR products. In addition, the customer support team has been wonderful. They have been friendly, knowledgeable and responsive on the rare occasion when issues arise.

Steven V., MD, United States

The workflow of Integrity is excellent and it guides you through the exam. There aren't multiple tabs and screens to search through. One improvement, Integrity could do a better job of communicating upgrades and new features. Let the end user play around in the software via a "sandbox". This is the best way to get a feel for how the software works. (Specialty: Ophthalmology. Size of Portfolio: 21 to 50 users.)

Joel W., United States

Integrity EMR is intuitive to use which makes it quick to learn and provides many efficiencies. The company provides excellent support and treats you like part of the family. I have no negative issues at this time. We have had no problems. Definitely consider this EMR. Within 1 month our practice had made the switch to EMR and didn't lose any productivity or revenue. The EMR improved documentation and made us compliant with all government requirements. (Specialty: Ophthalmology. Size of Portfolio: 101 or more users.)

Heath L., MD, United States

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