Infiniti Vision System

Alcon, a Novartis Division

The Infiniti Vision System provides enhanced chamber stability and control in a range of energy options including pulse and hyperpulse, smart pulse, and linear burst. It utilizes the OZil Torsional Handpiece which provides side-to-side oscillating ultrasonic movement, the redesigned INTREPID PLUS Fluidics Management System (FMS), and is compatible with the INTREPID AutoSert IOL Injector for single-handed IOL insertion.

  • Utilizes the OZil Torsional Handpiece for superior micro-incision procedures
  • Dual sensing technology provides both an exclusive irrigation pressure sensor (IPS) and a vacuum pressure sensor (VPS)
  • Dynamic rise feature allows surgeons to customize vacuum response and aspiration flow rate only when occlusion occurs




CE Mark


Fluidics Control


Pump Mechanism




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It is surely one of the best phacos on the market and has been for quite some time now.

Pedro P., MD, BR

Infiniti is a good machine, has very good IOP control

xi r., MD, CL

The Best!!!

guilherme m., MD, BR

I have used this machine with ozil and kelman tip for over 5000 procedures. It is an excellent machine and very efficient at taking out hard cataracts. This and the new centurion model can be highly recommended for the high volume cataract surgeon

Jeff K., MD, UK

Very great controllable system

Ahmee A., MD, EG

Very great controllable system

Ahmee A., MD, EG

very efficient system for hard cataract as well. OZIL

Ejaz L., MD, PK

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Alcon, a Novartis Division

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