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Ifa EHR is the world leader in ophthalmic health IT because of our efficient SmartScreen user interface, our connectivity to over 500 different ophthamic instruments, our sub-specialist versions for retina, glaucoma, cornea, pediatrics, refractive and general ophthalmologists, and our easy-to-use customization tools, giving you the power to create your own exam reviews and templates. Ifa EHR interfaces with over 100 practice management systems, so you can use the right system for your practice.

  • Founded in 1985, the company has 30+ years of experience in health IT dedicated to ophthalmology with 17,000 users worldwide
  • Customizable standard exam templates and work flows for all ophthalmic subspecialties
  • Intelligent data entry features (templates, macros, automated coding (see ICD-9 to ICD-10)
  • Connectivity to more than 450 devices and image systems offered by over 30 international manufacturers
  • Interfaces with over 100 different Practice Management Systems





Optical, User-Defined Exam Forms and Structured Data, Quick Drawing Tool, Automatic Code Recommendations


Meaningful Use


Windows, On-premis Client-server

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