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HS-5500 Slit Lamp

Coburn Technologies, Inc.

The HS-5500 is an integrated illumination type slit lamp that offers a wide field of view, an omnidirectional joystick, and a high luminance halogen lamp. Both the HS-5500 and the HS-5000 are designed in the industry standard type models used for their accuracy and reliability.

  • Type: HS-5500 Slit Lamp
  • Magnification: 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x
  • Pupil Distance: 66mm
  • Slit Width: Continuous, 0-14mm, Slith Length: 0.3-14mm, Slit Rotation: 0-180°
  • Aperture: 12.5x
  • Filters: Cobalt blue, Red-free, Grey, Heat-absorbing, Yellow
  • Light Source: 12V 30W halogen lamp


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