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HDC-9000N Digital HD Chart

Coburn Technologies, Inc.

Huvitz HDC-9000N Digital HD Chart offers a variety of charts and vision test procedures to bring the most accurate prescription with a high resolution 24" Color TFT-LCD with polarized filter panel for more precise visual acuity testing.

  • Standard Visual Acuity Charts
  • Polarized Charts and Functional Charts
  • Standardized ETDRS
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Working distance is 1.5m-6m
  • Can be synchronized and integrated with the HUVITZ Digital Refractor HDR-7000
  • Test Type: Standard Chart Tests, Binocular Vision Test, Stereoscopic Vision Test, Heterophoria/Heterotropia Test, Binocular Balance Test, Fusion and Suppression Test, Aniseikonia Test, Color Vision and Hue Test, Contrast Sensitivity Test



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