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Gilras GLM-7000 A

US Ophthalmic

With the GLM-7000A you can automatically measure all lens types using an advanced algorithm that allows for accuracy and speed. The unit also features an extensive diopter measurement range and two separate prism modes.

  • Wide measurement range and two prism display modes
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Measurable Ranges
    • Sphere: 0 to ±25.00D
    • Cylinder: 0 to ±10.00D
    • Axis: 0° to 180° (1°)
    • ADD: 0 to 10D
    • Prism: 0 to 10
    • Diameter: 15 to 115mm
  • Size is 196mm(W) x 253mm(D) x398mm(H and weight is 5.5Kg

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US Ophthalmic

9990 NW 14th Street Unit #105

Doral, FL 33172