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Gemini Refractive Capsule

Omega Ophthalmics

The Gemini Refractive Capsule is designed to neutralize variables related to effective lens position (ELP). Instead of using two-dimensional arms to hold the lens centrally within the X/Y plane of the eye, the innovative design also controls the Z plane. The capsule contains a true refractive lens and uniquely maintains an open space in the capsular bag for theorhetical incorporation of drug delivery, biometric sensors, or additional refractive lens platforms. The design borrows from current lens designs only with regard to the advanced optics and biocompatible materials from traditional IOLs.

  • Unique design engages the X, Y, and Z planes
  • Maintains an open space in the capsular bag to faciliate removal or addition of technological platforms
  • Engineered to work with intraoperative aberrometry
  • Prototype design capable of fitting through a 2.2 mm injector




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Omega Ophthalmics

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