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FT-1000 Non-Contact Tonometer

Tomey USA

The FT-1000 Non-Contact Tonometer is patient friendly, and notifies patients of measurement timing. The FT-1000 considers patient safety with the touch sensor, and also features doctor-friendly operation, like comfortable operation and constant air pressure.

  • Touch alignment with a reliable touch sensor
  • Constant air pressure
  • IOP measurement range is 0-60mmHg
  • Built-in printer




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Standalone Unit



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It's quick and efficient for our practice and patients are not bothered by it. Patients typically do not like a lot of non-contact tonometers. But this one seems to be soft enough for the patients, who have a better reaction to it over other equipment.

Mary C., OD, United States

I like using the FT-1000 Non-Contact Tonometer for patients who do not feel comfortable with Goldmann Applanation tonometry. It is simple to use and does not require any fluress.

Roshni P., United States

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