EvokeDx - Next Gen VEP + ERG

Konan Medical USA, Inc.

EvokeDx is the NextGen VEP+ERG instrument developed by Konan Medical and the leading scientists in visual electrophysiology. Its compact, all-in-one form factor features numerous market leading technologies including an intuitive touch-screen user interface, an Organic LED stimulus display, infrared gaze tracking, a dual channel amplifier, and powerful Fourier (Frequency Domain) analytics with intuitive reporting.

  • Luminance calibration auto & semi-auto
  • Synchronized data collection combined with proprietary analysis of the entire EEG waveform provides detailed information about visual pathway function
  • Stimulus frame rate: 60 Hz, Stimulus resolution: 1920 x 1080, synchronized image refresh with stimulus frame rate, 600 S/s synchronous sampling rate
  • ERG
  • Operating System: Integrated operator computer




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