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Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 Absorbable Punctum Plug

Paragon BioTeck, Inc.

Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 Absorbable Punctum Plugs provide occlusion therapy of the lacrimal drainage system lasting approximately 180 days. They are intended to temporarily treat the symptoms of dry eye disease, contact lens intolerance secondary to dry eye, and to increase efficacy of ocular medications and lubricants. Each box contains two Sterile Plugs/Pouch (1 Pouch/Box).

  • Sizing Options:
    • 0.5mm
    • 0.4mm
  • Absorption time: approx. 180 days




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Fabulous product! The patients find it more comfortable than what we were using previously. It has replaced our silicone plugs 100%, we don't even use silicone plugs in the office any more.

Joseph V., OD, United States

Nice to have another choice in this category for patient comfort.

Barry L., MD, United States

Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 is an excellent absorbable punctal plug. I can be sure it will help the patient's dry eye and ocular surface for approximately 6 months. I typically use this product post-LASIK/PRK, and post-KAMRA and Raindrop corneal inlay procedures - all of which need pristine ocular surface conditions to gain best results.

Mitchell J., MD, United States

Surface plugs can occasionally cause a foreign body sensation. To eliminate this variable when choosing punctal occlusion I prefer an intercanalicular dissolvable plug. 180 days helps those patients who prefer less chair time and are uncomfortable with surface plugs. I occasionally will dilate the puncta to make insertion of the .4mm and .5mm plugs easier.

A.J. C., OD, United States

I use this plug when I establish that punctal occlusion therapy is going to help the patient. This one last six months so it is effective and convenient for the patient who needs to come in only twice a year for replacement.. I particularly like the duration when I am performing LASIK or premium lens cataract surgery in a patient with high tear osmolarity.

Paul K., MD, United States

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