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Cetus Nano-Laser System

ARC Laser

The Cetus Nano-Laser System includes a base that houses the laser with a touch-screen to adjust the laser settings. The laser pulse generated by the base is transmitted to the single-use hand-piece through an optical fiber. The pulse strikes a titanium plate located near the tip resulting in photo-emulsification of the cataract material that is located directly in front of the opening. The surgeon controls the firing rate via the foot-pedal of any phacoemulification system which also provides the irrigation and aspiration.

  • 100 % Photofragmentation
  • 100 % no ultrasound
  • Single use handpieces
  • Coaxial with two different sleeves allows small incisions of 2.2 or 2.6 mm
  • Coaxial fluid management works the same way as conventional ultrasound phaco
  • The laser avoids mechanical side effects caused by the oscillating phaco tip




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