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BETA 200 Retinoscope


The HEINE BETA 200 Retinoscope with Parastop features multi-coated optics for a bright fundus reflex and detection of the neutralization point.

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The Heine ret is amazing! It's really easy and portable, and the battery life lasts a very long time. I would highly recommend this product to future students, as it's really easy to learn to use.

Linh D., United States

I love my Heine retinoscope. They offer a skinny handle that is great because it is light and I can hold it all day without my hand getting tired. The battery also lasts a very long time.

Joanna C., United States

The Heine Retinoscope is amazing! It's portable, and the battery life lasts a very long time. Additionally I would highly recommend this product to future students as it's easy to learn how to use.

Linh D., United States

As a first year optometry student, I am looking forward to using my Heine BETA 200 Retinoscope next semester.

Martha B., United States

2.5 years of experience with the Heine Beta 200 Retinoscope has shown me that the product is so easy to use and gave me the confidence in sharpening my ret skills. Highly recommend!

Shaynora B., United States

I love using my Beta 200 Retinoscope. It gives me accurate scoping when performing retinoscopy, which strengthens my confidence in my results.

Leanne G., United States

I've been using the Heine Beta 200. It's been easy to handle while doing retinoscopy in optometry school.

Christina L., United States

I really like this product, solid handles with Heine and the BETA 200's are great products!

Conner R., OD, United States

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