ARGOS Advanced Optical Biometer

movu, inc.

The ARGOS Advanced Optical Biometer has been designed to maximize the clinician's ease-of-use while delivering precision. This non-invasive, non-contact optical biometer outperformed its competitors in clinical trials.

  • Contact-free measurement using SS-OCT (swept-source optical coherence tomography) 
  • Provides 2D cross-section or 3D volume imaging
  • Axial length is 15-30mm and axial chamber depth is 1.5-5.0mm
  • Lens thickness is 0.5-6.5mm, Corneal thickness is 300-800μm, Pupillometry is 2-13mm, and White-to-White is 7-15mm
  • IOL Formulas: Holladay I, SRK T, Haigas, Hoffer Q
  • Scan time is less than one second




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