ArcScan Insight 100

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The ArcScan Insight 100 System provides a complete visualization of the true anatomy of the entire anterior segment, including areas behind the iris, and enable precision analysis with repeatable and reproducible data.

  • Display screen is a monitor
  • Software included is ArcScan Insight 100 Software
  • Scan Modes: Auto-centering, No centering/manual centering, Continuous scan, Next/repeat scan mode
  • Scan Type: Anterior Segment Imaging and Biometry, Capsule Imaging, Capsule Imaging and Biometry
  • Measurements: Cornea, Corneal Diameter, Anterior Chamber Depth, Angle-to-Angle width, Sulcus-to-Sulcus width, Pathologic Structures
  • Produces images with 1 micron resoultion of the cornea or the anterior segment




CE Mark



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Standalone Unit


High Frequency

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The Insight 100 is versatile and automated, which simplifies the process of obtaining images. When capturing the images the patient sits up in a chair, then leans forward into a self-contained, sealed water bath for the eye. This process is clean, noninvasive, and easy for physicians and technicians to perform. The high frequency ultrasound allows the Insight 100 to visualize anatomy that OCT can not - this promotes effective lens positioning allowing for more precise power selection. The Insight 100 also provides reliable data for ICL sizing and screening patients with suspect topography for keratoconus using epithelial mapping. And finally using the anterior segment ultrasound we can image behind an inlay for corneal inlay adjustments.

William W., MD, United States

The Insight 100 is a truly innovative technology with wide application. The Insight 100 is unique among ophthalmic imaging devices in the precision and detail of its epithelial mapping and flap thickness measurements for patients with previous LASIK, in its overview of anterior segment shape, measurement of sulcus diameter for use with phakic IOLs, and ability to locate cataracts and zonular attachments for understanding effective lens position after surgery. It offers powerful diagnostic applications, such as screening for keratoconus, understanding epithelial shape before and after corneal cross-linking, determining corneal shape and thickness for patients undergoing INTACS, and measuring inlay depth for patients undergoing KAMRA procedures. Unlike OCT, ArcScan's very high frequency ultrasound technology can see through opacities and image behind the iris.

Bill T., MD, United States

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