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APX 200 Pupil Expanding Device

APX Ophthalmology Ltd.

The Pupil Expanding Device allows for quadrangular or trapezoidal shape according to the physician's preference and needs. No intraocular manipulations are required. The Physician does not operate over the device so the device does not interfere with surgical maneuvers.

  • Fast, easy and safe positioning & removal 
  • Efficient iris expansion
  • Minimum incision size is 1.1mm
  • Made out of Nylon




CE Mark




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We perform SICS on mature cataracts in patients with pseudoexfoliation in Guatemala, who often have very small pupils. Pupillary stretching is usually inadequate, and we like to avoid sphincterotomies. We have used iris hooks with success but they are somewhat tedious and often in the way during the surgery. The APX 200 allows easy dilation for the capsulotomy. When the nucleus is brought into the anterior chamber, it can be maneuvered in front of the two retractors easily for removal through the wound. It is important to angle the APX 200 incision posteriorly to avoid tenting the iris in front of the wound. We found the device very helpful in these difficult cases.

Martin F., MD, United States

The APX 200 is a very useful and practical instrument. I wish in the future it will be available to surgeons in every country.

Ahmet T O., MD, United States

Can't be reusable, should have other design/device

Carlos S., MD, PE

Very good

Jorge R., MD, PE

This device was quite simple to learn to use effectively. The quality of the loading device made that part of the procedure very reproducible. The ergonomics were well thought out. This is an excellent product.

William C., MD, United States

Great expansion of the pupil, very easy to insert and remove.

Antonio M., MD, United States

I recently participated in an outreach program, in Dodoma, Tanzania, and brought the APX 200 with me. The program was a successful collaboration between surgeons from Cornell University and Moran Eye Centers. Over 220 cataract surgeries were performed on patients from the surrounding region. We certainly made use of the APX devices in these difficult cases and they were part of our ability to get almost uniformly good outcomes.

Roger F., MD, United States

excellent idea

gonzalo v., MD, AR

muy bueno

herminio n., MD, AR

The APX 200 is an excellent pupil expansion device. I have used the device in very small pupils' after posterior synechiolysis in uveitic eyes, and chronic angle glaucoma eyes with very shallow anterior chamber. It is important to elevate the pupil margins with viscoelastic device in 4 points where the APX haptics will be positioned. I had 2 patients who where treated with tamsulosin with a farely dilated pupil at the begininig of the cataract surgery. During surgery the pupil underwent a significant miosis due to IFIS and I could use the APX device in an open anterior capsule eeasily and effectively. Another advantage of the APX device is its simple removal from the eye. I love using the APX and I highly recommend the use of this device.

Fani S., MD, IL

Looks well designed and user friendly. I'm anxious to try it

lawrence j., MD, United States

Easy to use and excellent pupil dilatation

Ricardo W., MD, BR

I think the APX 200 is an important addition to our options for pupil expansion devices. The APX inserts and is removed easily through standard side-port incisions and provides great exposure. It is very tolerant of bumping into the speculum without being dislodged, but I suggest one that provides wide opening of the lid fissure. Very happy to have this available on difficult cases.

Roger F., MD, United States

APX is an excellent pupil expansion device that is so easy to use. The best part of this device is that its pupil friendly and the sphincter damage is not noted upon its removal. Moreover, I have also used it in my glued IOL surgery where it provides excellent intra-operative exposure. I love using this device.

Priya N., MD, IN

The APX 200 is a great new pupil expander! What I like is that it's one-size-fits-all, and goes through 2 astigmatic neutral incisions made with a 15 degree stab blade. It expands the pupil to a trapezoidal shape making it so easy to see and perform your surgery. Also, it doesn't interfere with your instruments, is easy to use, and there's no harm to the iris. Love using this device.

Dee S., MD, United States

The beauty of the APX pupillary expansion device is its ease of use inserting and removing the device. Pupil exposure is excellent. Iris shape always come back to a round natural position post removal. Iris trauma is rare with this device. Intraoperative aberrometry can be performed with this device as well. It is my go-to pupillary expansion device every surgical day.

Mitchell J., MD, United States

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