ApertureCTC Continuous Thermal Capsulotomy System

International BioMedical Devices, Inc.

The ApertureCTC consists of a power console, reusable handpiece, and disposable capsulotomy tip that uses thermal energy to create an anterior capsulotomy. The circular heating element is mechanically retracted to form an elliptical shape to enable insertion though >1.8 mm incision. Upon release, the heating element reassumes circular shape and is placed on the anterior capsule over the desired capsulotomy site. A patented algorithm deliver continuous, controlled low-level energy throughout 360º of the heating element.

  • Cutting Mechnism: Low temperature range heat derived from an electrical heating element
  • Range of tips available capable of creating 4.5 to 6.5 mm capsulotomy
  • Deployed through >1.8 mm incision
  • Placement of the heating element is performed under direct visualization under the microscope
  • Cost effective and reproducible capsulotomies




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