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The ALLEGRA 590 is said to be specialized for dual use in ophthalmology and ENT with depth perception and 3D vision. The microscope is permanently balanced, with flexible rotation, mechanical breaks, and an integrated video camera. The apochromatic optics provides a sharp and contrast image at any zoom setting.

  • 3D vision and depth perception features
  • High comfort due to zoom optics and X-Y coupling
  • Integrated camera reduces length of the microscope, supports ergonomic positioning, makes it easier to clean
  • Designed to rotate cardanically around center of gravity in all directions, requiring only minimal force
  • Binocular Tube: Apochromatic optics with fixed inclination angles
  • Eyepiece: 10x (160° inclinable eyepiece head)
  • Total Magnification: 4.3 - 25.7 x
  • Field Of View: 8.2 - 49 mm
  • Halogen or LED light source

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