ALADDIN Biometer

Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.

The Aladdin is a multi-function instrument that combines a series of measurements to assist eye surgeons in the calculation of IOL power. It combines Axial Length, Corneal Topography, Pupillometry, Corneal Diameter and Anterior Chamber Depth in one single instrument, assisting the Eye Surgeon not only in conventional IOL power calculation but also in his or her choice of the right premium IOL for each individual eye.

  • Multiple surgeon settings for optimal customization
  • All necessary measurements taken in under 5 seconds
  • Axial length is 15-38mm and axial chamber depth is 1.5-5.5mm
  • Corneal thickness is 3.3-37.5mm, Pupillometry is 0.5-10mm and White-to-White is 6-18mm
  • IOL Formulas: Holladay I, SRK II, SRK T, Haigas, Hoffer Q
  • 10.1 in. color touch screen and can be used with any USB printer




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