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Akreos AO

Bausch + Lomb Inc.

The Akreos AO (model AO60) lens combines the benefits of an aberration-free aspheric acrylic lens with the material and design characteristics that allow it to be inserted into a true 1.8 mm incision. The four point haptic design of the Akreos AO features looped ends.

  • Aspheric optic with zero spherical aberration and square edge design
  • Implantable through a 1.8-mm incision
  • Four point haptic design with loops, which enable this lens to be sclerally fixated
  • Power ranges available from 0.0 D to +30.0 D across 3 sizes (11.0 mm (+0 to +15 D); 10.7 mm (+15.5 to +22 D); 10.5 mm (+22.5 to +30 D); power steps available from +0 D to +9 D in 1.0 D steps, +10 D to +30 D in 0.5 steps)




CE Mark



Hydrophilic Acrylic with UV Blocker

Optic Diameter (mm)

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Bausch + Lomb Inc.

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