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2B Slit Lamp


The model 2B is ideal for general examination procedures and contact lens work. It finds wide acceptance in satellite offices as well as in larger practices with multiple lanes. This model combines ease of use and value with the same optical qualities and precision construction found in the other Ultra Series models.

  • Type: Greenough converging binocular
  • Magnification: 10x, 16x
  • Pupil Distance: 48mm-80mm
  • Slit Width: Continuous, 0-10mm, Slit Length: Continuous, 1-10mm 
  • Aperture: 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.2mm
  • Filters: Cobalt blue, Red-free, UV, Heat-absorbing
  • Light Source: 12V 30W halogen bulb


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