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OJO Eye Care Crystals (Insightful Solutions, LLC) is a new product that makes it easier for consumers to ingest the AREDS vitamins they need for optimal eye health. Compared to traditional AREDS vitamin pills that are difficult to swallow, OJO Eye Care Crystals come packaged in a convenient singlestick powder pack that easily dissolves in water, juice, or even yogurt. Each packet contains a full daily dose of the vitamins clinically proven by the National Eye Institute’s 2013 Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS 2, 2013) to improve eye health.

As a New York-based Ophthalmologist, I developed OJO Eye Care Crystals to help patients that simply couldn’t take or tolerate the AREDS vitamins. Not only are the pills too big and too hard for many people to swallow, they can cause a lot of stomach upset. In some cases, patients find it difficult to keep up with the dosing that’s required throughout the day in addition to all their other pills.

Taken only once a day, each singlestick powder pack contains the full dosage of AREDS 2 vitamins that patients need. This includes: 10mg of Lutein, 2mg of Zeaxanthin, 500mg of Vitamin C, 400 IUs of Vitamin E and 25mg of Zinc. Since patients can easily take the packets with them and enjoy the powder mixed in their favorite beverage, it’s easier for them to ingest and tolerate these vital vitamins. 

Originally, I developed a ready-to-drink beverage with these vitamins. Called OJO Eye Care Nectar, it is currently available in a variety of flavors, such as Citrus Lutein Burst and Berry Lutein Blast. 

Since OJO Eye Care Crystals is a singlestick powder pack, as opposed to a pill, it is a little bit more expensive than the pills. However, it comes conveniently packaged as a box of 30 packets, which is a month’s supply. 

While it costs more than the pills, it’s not prohibitively more expensive—a little more than a dollar a day. And it enables patients to easily access and consume the AREDS vitamins they were previously missing out on, which will benefit their eye health. 

The new OJO Eye Care Crystals can be ordered online at ojonectar.com and it’s also sold in some doctors’ offices, such as the retina practices near me, as well as at my own practice. Hopefully, it will soon be available on retail store shelves, such as drug store chains and some supermarkets. So when patients can’t get to their doctor’s offices or their doctors don’t sell it, they’ll still be able to access the product at local stores or by ordering it online.