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The Zeiss IOLMaster 500 is an optical biometer dedicated to high confidence IOL selection, including presbyopic, toric, and aspheric IOLs, for cataract surgery. It’s designed to minimize patient chair time by quickly performing accurate measurements, such as axial length, keratometry and other anterior segment measurements, to aid in IOL calculations.

I’ve used Zeiss IOLMaster optical biometers since I first started practicing, and it’s been at my current practice for about 10 years. I’ve had the IOLMaster 500 for about two years.


When I was trying to decide on which biometer I wanted to get, I considered both the IOLMaster 500 and the LENSTAR. The primary reason I chose the IOLMaster 500 was because of how fast it actually took biometry and got my patients through. In my practice, the IOLMaster 500 has given me excellent biometry with great results and it does so quickly.

I use the IOLMaster 500 for all of my cataract surgery patients. What I like best about the IOLMaster 500 is that it gives me reliable keratometry readings quickly.


I haven’t had many significant challenges with the IOLMaster 500. The one thing it could potentially do better is to aggregate data from repeat examinations. It would also be beneficial if the IOLMaster 500 could measure posterior corneal curvature.

I would definitely recommend the IOLMaster 500 to my colleagues because it works quickly, gives great results, and gets the job done.