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TrueVision (TrueVision 3D Surgical) provides high resolution, computer-guided visualization for microsurgery that displays on a big-screen 3D HD or 4K-resolution monitor that’s positioned right next to the patient’s bed. Rather than having to peer into a microscope oculars during surgery, TrueVision enables surgeons to sit comfortably wearing stereo 3D glasses to see an immersive 3D view of the surgery they’re performing on the display.

Wearing 3D glasses, surgical assistants, fellow surgeons, and industry experts can also watch the progress of the surgery on the monitor, which helps them anticipate what tools the surgeon will need next and provides a tremendous education advantage. 3D computer-guided visualization, reduced fatigue and better team synergy can increase the accuracy, efficiency and productivity at busy surgical centers. The Surgical guidance software has tools for capsulorhexis sizing/placement, Toric IOL axis placement, and IOL centration

Flexible Display Configuration 

The TrueVision visualization platform allows me to configure the 3D 4K display with whatever source or information I need at any given moment.  I regularly use the it in conjunction with the ORA (Alcon) intra-operative aberrometer which is mounted under the microscope but projects up the screen side by side with the surgical view of the eye.

I can select a spit-screen with the “live view” on the left side of the screen and the ORA data output next to it on the right. If I don’t need the ORA at the moment, I can switch the display to a full screen view of the patient’s eye. 

Reduced Discomfort and Fatigue 

The TrueVision user-interface is especially beneficial because I no longer have to sit hunched over a microscope to see the patient’s eye while I’m operating. I can now sit upright, with my back, neck and shoulders relaxed, and freely look around without any issues. 

This feature may not be that important when I’m doing a 5-minute cataract procedure, but when we have several complex cases back to back or 4 to 5 straight hours of surgery, it’s a tremendous advantage. 

Improved Team Synergy 

As I’m looking straight ahead at TrueVision’s big-screen display, I’m also able to see other activities in my periphery, such as my assistant Courtney handing me surgical implements. She and I communicate very well based on visual cues, because she’s seeing what I’m seeing. As a result, we rarely fumble or drop surgical instruments as she passes them to me.

This improved ergonomic experience translates into safer surgeries because I’m not rushing or distracted due to physical discomfort or fatigue, the way I used to be prior to installing the TrueVision.