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When it comes to ocular aesthetics and cosmetics it is important for eye care providers to educate patients on proper cosmetic wear, effect of ingredients, and when to dispose of the different products that we use to make ourselves look and feel good. There are several aesthetic products in the Zoria line (OCuSOFT) that have been designed with special consideration for ocular health.

A Keen Eye on Ingredients
Patients are often confused about which products are best for them. Patients seeking aesthetic enhancement of eyelashes may go to cosmetic or department stores to speak with a salesperson about the various brands available, but as with anything on the aesthetic market, it can be challenging to distinguish between claims and actual effectiveness of ingredients contained in the products. Some lash growth products on the market contain prostaglandins, which do increase the length and thickness of lashes, but can also cause undesired side effects such as redness, injection, and eye color changes. Additionally, some eye cosmetics contain preservatives or ingredients that are harsh to the ocular surface, which is why we recommend the Zoria line developed by Lili Fan, MD. As an ophthalmologist and biochemist, Dr. Fan identified ingredients that are safe and promote a healthy ocular surface while keeping the lids and the lashes beautiful.

Good Looking Products
The Zoria line of lash growth serums and mascaras include Zoria Boost Lash Intensifying Serum, Zoria Boost Mascara, and Zoria Mascara for Sensitive Eyes. The Zoria Boost Lash Intensifying Serum is applied to the lid at bedtime. Essentially, it helps keep the lashes and lash follicles healthy throughout the different phases of lash development from the anagen to the catagen to the telogen phases. Zoria Boost Mascara and Zoria Mascara for Sensitive Eyes also contain lash-intensifying serum which complements the growth factors during the day. The Zoria line provides a double dose of intensifying serum so patients get a lot more product for a very similar price compared to other formulations. I always recommend that patients use the nighttime serum along with the mascara.

Other aesthetic options offered by OCuSOFT include Zoria Recovery Bruise & Scar Cream and Zytaze Nutritional Supplement. The Recovery Bruise & Scar Cream is specially formulated to calm skin and reduce the appearance of post-procedural bruising and scarring while Zytaze is a nutritional supplement formulated to prolong the effectiveness of botulism toxin injections.

These are great products that we can offer patients to help keep them safe and provide the aesthetic enhancements they desire.