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CE Mark

  • Cutting Mechnism: Electical pulses
  • Creates a round, accurately sized, and well-centered capsulotomy as part of the normal cataract surgery protocol
  • Nitinol is a shape-memory alloy so it can be deformed or compressed and it will rebound to its original shape
  • Discharge of highly focused nanopulses at a low-energy produces a round anterior capsulotomy simultaneously along 360 degrees within milliseconds
  • Clear silicone sleeve enables visualization of the cutting element
  • Cost effective, continuous, and reproducible capsulotomies

Zepto, also referred to as “precision pulse capsulotomy," is an automated anterior capsulotomy device consisting of a disposable handpiece and capsulotomy tip powered by a small console. The cutting element is a nitinol ring surrounded by a thin, transparent silicone shell with a central opening which allows patients to fixate on the microscope light filament during positioning. After the nitinol ring and silicone shell are stretched and elongated with a metal push rod to facilitate insertion through a clear corneal incision, the tip re-assumes the original circular shape and is gently apposed to the anterior capsular surface with suction. A series of rapid electrical nanopulses cleave 360º of the apposed anterior capsule in milliseconds.  



  • Cutting Mechnism: Low temperature range heat derived from an electrical heating element
  • Range of tips available capable of creating 4.5 to 6.5 mm capsulotomy
  • Deployed through >1.8 mm incision
  • Placement of the heating element is performed under direct visualization under the microscope
  • Cost effective and reproducible capsulotomies

The ApertureCTC consists of a power console, reusable handpiece, and disposable capsulotomy tip that uses thermal energy to create an anterior capsulotomy. The circular heating element is mechanically retracted to form an elliptical shape to enable insertion though >1.8 mm incision. Upon release, the heating element reassumes circular shape and is placed on the anterior capsule over the desired capsulotomy site. A patented algorithm deliver continuous, controlled low-level energy throughout 360º of the heating element.




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  • Cutting Mechnism: Laser
  • The elastic capsule rim produced is resistant to tearing (compared to manual)
  • The diameter of the capsulotomy can be adjusted by system controls from 4.5 to 7 mm.
  • Patient must have a clear cornea and adequately dilated pupil

CapsuLaser device consists of a power console and a small, ergonomic laser delivery device that mounts to the operating microscope. The device delivers continuous laser energy in a singular circular pass to create a continuous curvilinear capsulotomy in approximately 1 second. After staining the anterior capsule with trypan blue, the aiming beam is focused through a handheld contact lens and laser delivery is activated through a footswitch.