Impact of Switching to LessDrops for Patients and Practices

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Cataract procedures per week

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Number of staff that consult patients about postop medications

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Duration of typical postop medication discussion (minutes)

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Callbacks per day about postop medications

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Comparative regimen: Pred-Gati-Brom


Fewer total drops*: 35

Total out-of-pocket savings: $256.30

Overall savings in retail drug costs: $451.98


Staff time reduction per month: 325 minutes

Payroll savings per year: $3,250

Additional yearly revenue: $5,928

About These Products

LessDrops is a portfolio of combination topical, ophthalmic compounded formulations of prednisolone acetate, gatifloxacin, and bromfenac for use following LASIK, PRK, cataract, and other ocular surgeries. As a 503B compounding pharmacy, Imprimis is able to make medications in bulk without patient-specific prescriptions and ship directly to surgical centers. Dispensing postoperative medications from the practice saves patients a trip to the pharmacy, eliminates pharmacy callbacks, and assures surgical staff that the patient has the proper medications. Although patients must typically pay out of pocket for LessDrops, potential cost-savings of compounding and combined medications may make the total expenditure less.

About this Calculator

This tool was developed to help you ascertain the overall impact of switching your postoperative cataract medication regimen to LessDrops (Imprimis Pharmaceuticals). Sample values are already entered in the calculator fields, but you can adjust them to reflect your circumstances. This tool reflects average values of the most typical factors associated with prescribing medications but cannot account for every factor or variation within operating procedures. All variables should be taken into consideration when prescribing a medication. Suggested medication prices and copays are based on estimates reported by (accessed in April 2018) for typical preferred pharmacy rates under the AARP MedicareRx Preferred (PDP) plan.

*Calculating Total Drops
The default drop counts reflect cumulative amounts over a 4-week postoperative period with a dosing schedule of once per day of NSAID, four times a day for one week of anti-biotic, and a 4, 3, 2 ,1 times per week taper for steroid.