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About These Products

Klarity C-Drops (Imprimis Pharmaceuticals), a compounded formulation in the Total Tears portfolio, is a 0.1% concentration of cyclosporine in a patented chondroitin sulfate/dextran/glycerol based vehicle with anti-inflammatory properties that protects and lubricates the cornea. Patients obtain the cyclosporine/chondroitin sulfate prescription as an out-of-pocket expense which eliminates the hassles of coupon eligibility concerns, time-consuming prior authorizations, and pharmacy callbacks. Klarity C-Drops can be shipped in bulk from Imprimis’ 503B facility and dispensed by practices or patients can fax a mail order form to Imprimis and receive the medications in a few days. Practices can obtain a discount when ordering bulk quantities to dispense directly to patients. Depending on dosing regimen, each bottle should last one month.

About this Calculator

An estimated 4.88 million Americans over the age of 50 are affected by dry eye disease. [1] This tool was developed to assess the cost-benefits of prescribing branded and compounded dry eye medications. Sample values are already entered in the calculator fields, but you can adjust them to reflect your circumstances. This tool reflects the most common factors associated with prescribing practices and the average lowest price for commonly prescribed dry eye therapies according to (accessed September 2018) but cannot account for every factor or variation.