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PTS 1000 Perimetry

Optopol Technology

The Automated Perimeter PTS 1000 offers static and kinetic stimuli with all Goldmann stimuli sizes and all stimuli colors used in perimetry. It includes a wide range of strategies and analysis tools combined with built-in maps and the possibility of creating ones own give a chance to examine only these areas, which are necessary.

  • Advanced analysis tools for easy diagnosis
  • Advanced fixation control for high reliability
  • Optical System:
    • Stimulus: Goldmann Sizes I-V
    • Area of Field: 100 ° (160 with fixation shift horizontally)
  • Test Strategies: Pupil Diameter, Standard Automated Perimetry, Blue Yellow Perimetry, Red/White Perimetry, Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry
  • Fixation Control: Heijl-Krakau, Gaze Tracking




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